Basketball legend Tony Parker in France

The French national basketball team is the national team that represents France in the international arena. The governing body of the national team is the Basketball Federation of France. The head coach since 2009 is Vincent Collet. The French were three times silver medalists of the Olympic Games (1948, 2000, 2020), twice bronze medalists of […]

Judo in France and Teddy Riner history

In 2017, the French Judo Federation had 604,816 registered members. Judo thus became the fifth most popular competitive sport in France after football, tennis, basketball and equestrianism. There are 5700 judo clubs in France, and the number of participants aged 10 to 19 reaches 75%. For this reason, the association pays great attention to ethics […]

Handball in France

Handball is a very popular sport in France. The French men’s handball team (French: Équipe de France de handball masculin) is a team that represents France in international handball competitions. It is one of the most titled teams in the world: the owner of two Olympic gold medals, six times world champion and three times […]